Hopscotch Story

It was a common topic. Almost every parent we knew complained about the lack of well-priced, good quality kidswear in Pakistan. Then we became parents and started complaining too! We spent many years “bulk” shopping for our children’s wardrobe whenever we travelled abroad. One day, we had an epiphany: why can’t the 4th largest cotton producing country in the world create an awesome brand for kids?

We thought that we were the right duo to tackle this problem. And Hopscotch was born. We thought long and hard about what we wanted Hopscotch to be. We thought about the joy our son and daughter had brought to our lives, their laughter and pleasure in the simplest of things and their ability to create a magical world filled with laughter and fun. Our children re-created us. And we created Hopscotch as a tribute to the joy and wonder of childhood.

Founded in 2013, we have been growing by leaps and bounds to establish our retail network throughout Pakistan. 37 stores nationwide and a pretty cool website; that is our achievement and this is just the beginning! And we think parents are complaining less now!